Sweet – Bars, Brownies, Mini-Pies, and Muffins

All 3 Fellers products, are made with premium ingredients and no preservatives in our certified gluten-free bakery. We offer a variety of gluten-free desserts and other baked goods, all of which are sold in individual portions.

For those who enjoy something a little sweet with their morning coffee or tea, we offer Banana Bread, Coffee Cake, and Berry Oat Bars in addition to Blueberry Muffins.  Among our most in-demand products, 3 Fellers bars and brownies surpass any gluten-free dessert on the market today.  One taste, and you’ll be hooked. Savor our cool chocolate mint brownies, or the one-two punch of our favorite flavor combinations—chocolate peanut butter or chocolate raspberry.  For those of you looking for an alternative to chocolate, try a Carrot Cake Bar, Coconut Cream Mini-Pie, or Lemon Mini-Pie.  With a crunchy crust and delicious filling, our gluten-free mini-pies are guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning sweet tooth.

Note: 3 Fellers products may contain soy, dairy, and eggs. Be advised that all products are baked in a facility that processes peanuts.

banana bread bar Banana Bread BarDelicious at any time of day – with your morning coffee or tea, a midday pick-me-up, or a healthier dessert option. Easy to take and eat on the go, you may have a hard time waiting until after dinner to enjoy this treat.
 berry oat breakfast bar Berry Oat BarThe Berry Oat Bar is a terrific breakfast item. Made with fine oats and tasty berries, it is packed with flavor. A hearty breakfast item to start the day and keep you going.
 carrot cake bar Carrot Cake BarSheets of carrot cake surround a perfectly sweet cream cheese filling.  Moist, rich, and creamy – now you can enjoy your favorite cake in an individual portion size.  
 chocolate chip cookie bar Chocolate Chip Cookie BarOur Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar is a fresh take on the traditional cookie favorite. It is extremely moist and made with high-end ingredients. By itself or slightly heated and topped with vanilla ice cream, it is hard to resist.
 fudge brownie Chocolate Fudge BrownieThe classic fudge brownie, now available to those who follow a gluten-free diet. We challenge you to find a better one on the market today.
chocolate mint brownie Chocolate Mint BrownieThe richness of chocolate, the cool bite of mint – 3 Fellers gluten free chocolate mint brownies offer the best of both worlds. Made with real mint, these delicacies come to you fresh from our bakery. They’re just like the brownies you love, but without the gluten…
 chocolate peanut butter brownie Chocolate Peanut Butter BrownieA fan favorite, enjoy our satisfying chocolate brownies with the perfect hint of peanut butter and a layer of chocolate ganache on top. These gluten free chocolate peanut butter brownies balance the salty, nutty peanut flavor with rich chocolate for an unforgettable experience.
 chocolate raspberry Chocolate Raspberry BrownieA classic pairing, our chocolate brownie is accented perfectly by sweet raspberry in our gluten free chocolate raspberry brownies. From texture to taste, you’ll never know that these delicious bites are gluten free!
 coffee cake bar Coffee Cake BarThe moist cake, with nuts and a touch of frosting, is a perfect complement to your morning cup of coffee. Perfect for those folks who are always on the go and who enjoy a little treat to start the day.
 blueberrymuffin Blueberry MuffinThe Blueberry Muffin is a classic for a reason. In each bite, you get a balance of fresh blueberries and moist, sweet muffin. We make sure to use premium ingredients in our gluten-free baked goods. This muffin is no exception.
  Chocolate Cream Mini-PieThe smooth texture and richness makes the chocolate cream mini-pie the perfect dessert for chocolate lovers.  Our mini-pies are 4″ in diameter, the perfect individual portion.
 coconut cream pie Coconut Cream Mini-PieThe cool, refreshing taste of coconut cream pie has made it a favorite for generations. Enjoy our gluten-free coconut cream pie made with wholesome ingredients at your next event. Our 4″ mini pies are ideal for an individual serving.
 lemon cream pie Lemon Mini-PieA balance of tart and sweet, our lemon mini-pie is sure to satisfy. Like all 3 Fellers products, our lemon mini-pie is completely gluten-free and made with the finest ingredients.

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